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How Well Did Stanley Kubrick Predict How Dave Bowman from 2001 Would Age?

January 21st, 2012

While in a conversation with Rita J. King about the scientific underpinnings of reality and Quantum Physics, I got to thinking about the prescience of Arthur C. Clarke's book 2001 and some of the more fundamental theories he was exploring in the fabric of existence.

Stanley Kubrick's re-telling of the story through film created an indelible associative list of images in my mind that have forever stayed there, such as when Dave Bowman (played by Keir Dullea) visits a version of himself in his 70s or 80s.

That got me thinking that this year, 2012, is forty-five years after the filming of the 2001, which was released in 1968. Keir Dullea, who was 30 when he played the role of Astronaut Dave Bowman is now about the age of the film aged him to.

 So how did they do?

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