Are you a leader?
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A Taste of College:
Youth Leadership Retreat*

Skill-Building and Application in Springfield, MA
8:30 am July 29 - 9:00 PM July 31, 2011
at UMass Amherst

This is your chance to take action to make Springfield a stronger city where all youth can excel. This is also a great opportunity for you to experience a taste of life on a college campus. This Retreat brings adult and youth facilitators together to coach each other into becoming better, more effective and successful leaders. Participants will explore questions such as:

Issues that require leadership attract people with various motivations. "Leading" and "following" both involve dealing with hope & fear, belief & misunderstanding, shared and different histories, and a range of possible futures.

In order to focus attention and ground the learning experience, participants will take action by designing a series of Public Service Announcements on issues of common concern. Together, we will go through several crucial leadership steps, including:

The topics we'll discuss will include bullying, drugs, health, identity issues (culture, gender, language, race, religion, socioeconomics, etc), life chances.....

At the end of the Taste of College Retreat, participants will have learned new skills, made new friends, envisioned a future together, and taken steps to make it happen.

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Things You Need to Know

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Designed and Presented as a Learning Lab for ResiliencyTM
Co-sponsored by the Center on Communication for Sustainable Social Change
Funded by Youth First! and the Mass Alliance on Teen Pregnancy
Fiscal Agent: New North Citizens Council, Springfield MA

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