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Social Media Accessibility: Even More Important in a Crisis

June 15th, 2012

Accessible Twitter website icon

Accessible Twitter website icon (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Post by: Kim Stephens

Web accessibility is an issue in the best of times, but is even more important in a crisis. Easy Chirp is an example of one solution. The product is billed as a web-accessible alternative to the The design focuses on making twitter easier to use and it is optimized for disabled users. “It also works with keyboard-only, older browsers like IE6, lowband internet connection, and without JavaScript. Learn more about web accessibility.”

Some of the features that make it accessible:

  • All links are keyboard accessible (and visual styling on focus as well as hover states).
  • DM, Favorite, Reply, Re-tweet, and Delete links are all visible by default.
  • Simple, consistent layout and navigation (and signed-in username always displayed).
  • Headings and page titles are implemented for optimal accessibility. This includes an H3 heading (for author screen name) added to tweets to assist with screen reader users.
  • Works great with or without JavaScript.
  • Ajax actions are concluded with an alert (JS or ARIA) that notifies the user of the result of the action.
  • Large default text size and high color contrast.

See the rest of the features here:

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