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UMASS Medical School, Online Course: Individuals Requiring Additional Assistance

November 6th, 2012

Post by: Kim Stephens

Thanks to Steph Jo Kent for alerting me to the new online course offered by the University of Massachusetts Medical School titled simply: Individuals Requiring Additional Assistance. They describe this offering on their website as follows:

“The Center of Excellence for Emergency Preparedness Education and Training (CEEPET) is deeply committed to providing a comprehensive set of trainings to our clients.  Ensuring that all hospital workers, EMS personnel, those who work in long-term care facilities and in community health centers are prepared to care effectively for Individuals Requiring Additional Assistance (IRAA) during a disaster or emergency is a core competency and in order to address need for training on this topic, CEEPET has created a comprehensive course entitled Individuals Requiring Additional Assistance During Disasters.”

The course consists of the following ten modules:

    • People with Special Medical Needs
    • People with Disabilities
    • Bariatric Populations
    • People with Psychiatric Illness
    • People who are Homeless
    • Pregnant Women and Children
    • People who Use Service Animals
    • People with Cultural and Language Barriers
    • Elderly Populations

Follow this link to their website for more information about how to take this course. They also have some great resources on their site related to this topic.

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