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Artist of Note: Chile’s Fab Ciraolo

January 31st, 2012

The hot new artist of the season and the planet is sure to be Santiago, Chile-based Fab Ciraolo. Fab Ciraolo takes past-tense, seminal modern artists, performers, actors, musicians, et al (such as Frida Kahlo above, Salvador Dali and others) and mashes them up with contemporary artists. The above piece, showing Frida Kahlo wearing a Daft Punk t-shirt is a great example.

Whether or not you think Frida would actually wear a Daft Punk t-shirt today, is beside the point.

This guy is good. And his art will soon be for sale online, Fab told us via Twitter. His new website will launch at the end of February..

Chilean artist, Fab Ciraolo.

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