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Celebrating Queer Indigenous Voices Week: Interview with Daniel Heath Justice

by • July 1st, 2011

By Guest Contributor Jorge Antonio Vallejos, cross-posted from Black Coffee Poet

Near the end of my video interview with Daniel Heath Justice (above) for this special week Celebrating Queer Indigenous Voices I asked, “… anything we’ve left out?”

“There’s a lot we’ve left out,” said Justice.


Although we had a table full of books we failed to…

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Quoted: Former Roundtable Member Hexy on ‘The Diversity of Femme’

by • June 21st, 2011

I have experienced a general ignorance about racial and Indigenous issue in queer and femme communities, and an expectation that anti-racist activism be considered secondary to feminist, anti-homophobic and anti-femmephobic activism, when queer femmes of colour often experience our identities to be one holistic piece. It is an impossible request for a femme of colour to separate her experiences

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