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Samenwerking/Working together for Liu Xiaobo

by • March 24th, 2011

Job Degenaar, voorzitter van WIPC Nederland schrijft: Bijgaande foto van Kluun en Bettine Vriesekoop (zgn. ‘bekende Nederlanders’) werd in een Utrechtse boekhandel genomen. Ze krijgen daar een poster met het gedicht van Xiaobo in onze vertaling. Die po…

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poetic license – salon12b 2011-03-23 15:46:00

by • March 23rd, 2011

Essen-main library, Ruhrgebiet – © Foto: Wilfried Bienek

March 21 was world poetry day.
In the main library in Essen, Ruhrgebiet, Germany, unbeknown by us, they dressed a table with a choice of poetry. Look at the right hand top. There you find the first production of world internet books: Grenzland. The first book in the framework of Ruhrgebiet2010 Cultural Capital of Europe.The book you see will in the course of the year be published as part of the trilogy ‘Flußschiffahrt’ – Binnenvaart – Inland waterways- together with ‘Kammergedanken’ – Kamergedachten – Chamber thoughts – and Anti. From March 17 to 20 Hafenklänge – Havenklanken – Sounds of Harbour – was presented at the book fair in Leipzig

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Carne vale

by • March 7th, 2011

Golden shoes
and lace
on a bony knee
of aged Sundays
and pearl
around necks of
sagging flesh
in excitement
for the procession
of shared solitude
Behind the ardent rows
the beauties
no need yet
for this wait
that brings out but
Their time is to night
the fiesta of the flesh
forgotten the
Carne vale
of their mothers in the street
A carnival in Valencia… Brides walking to the sea

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In one breath

by • January 27th, 2011

Today Poetry day in Holland and Belgium, The book In einem Atemzug, In een adem, In one breath, wib, 2011, will be presented  during the eight honorable poetesses who will read to night in the old city center of Antwerp in the literary Café den Hopsack.

She will open with the cycle Life, accompanied  by Jean Demey. Both have worked together often with wonderful results.

It doesn’t let go of you     
even if sometimes
without a leash hoping for the best
you let it run away –
It attacks you
even if it wears
a constant muzzle:
a precaution
taken in a moment
when the clock declines
to regulate
the traffic of time –
It throws sand in your eyes
as foam on your lips
it stays behind
so that, in order to speak one word,
your anger first
has to be laid out
like a corpse
not yet decomposing
but inclined
to do so
without further notice
but the teeth-grinding
of light
on the threshold
of high shadow
wanting to devour everything –
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Olivier Cousin on Klara

by • December 21st, 2010

Although the Breton Language looses ten thousands of speakers every year, Breton poetry is alive and interesting. Olivier Cousin was representing them at our Small Festival of European Art of Poetry., last September. When he and Bart Stouten met it was as if two long lost brothers met and found each other. They obviously share a poetic sensitivity. So Bart had a wonderful program in The Garden of Eden on Klara with Olivier, read the dutch translations of Paul Gellings and interviewed Olivier about poetry in Breton and the regional poets. The music was wonderful and the program was sensitive and interesting.

Here you see Olivier and Paul reading together.

Wat follows is poem with pars in Breton which will be published in Sounds of Harbor II

Au port du bout du monde

Au dernier bout de la terre
le port sourit au large
demi-cercle d’une blancheur ternie
evel bannieloù ouzh ar wern
Le port comprend toutes les vies
accepte toutes les devises
parle toutes les langues
Même s’il malmène toutes les grammaires
il conjugue tous les verbes
pas uniquement partir ou arriver
C’hoantoù mont kuit
o vont hag o tont
stag ouzh ma huñvreoù
evel bannieloù ouzh ar wern
Le port déploie le filet des rêves
au-delà des crachins et des brumes
oubliant tous les moutons sur la lande
  In the harbor at land’s end        
At the last parcel of land                                   
the harbor smiles at the open sea
half circle of a dulled white
evel bannieloù ouzh ar wern
The harbor comprehends all lives           
accepts all currencies                                   
speaks all languages
Even though it manhandles all grammars                       
it declines all verbs
not only to leave or to arrive
C’hoantoù mont kuit
o vont hag o tont
stag ouzh ma huñvreoù
evel bannieloù ouzh ar wern
The harbor unfolds the dream net
beyond drizzle and sea mist               
all sheep left behind on the moors

(Traduite en français, la strophe en breton pourrait se lire  :
Des envies de départ
vont et viennent
attachées à mes rêves
comme des drapeaux sur le mât)

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Poets and friends

by • December 12th, 2010

There are days that active friends keep one going. At four there was the presentation by Bert Bevers of his latest volume of poetry ‘Andere taal’. 
Interesting medieval music and well read poetry was offered to the throngs of people who showed up to share this moment of joy. Here you see Bert signing a book for a friend and thinking/writing down a fitting dedication. His poetry always has an air of history, observations of works of art and daily life. There is gentle steadiness in his way offering tranquility and reflection. Quite a gift to the readers.

Vera Alexander Beerten had her presentation in the evening in Gallery The black Panther . Here you see her listening to Professor emeritus Joris Gerits who gave a deep analysis of her third volume of poetry. She read well and the chill that was in the winter air installed itself between the shoulder blades with all the brilliant poems about loss of close friends and her mother. In ‘Slechts kwade wind’ you’re going to discover images and heaviness for the soul which probably will console people going through the same feelings yet don’t know how to express them.

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