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What is Creativity?

April 21st, 2011

Rita J. King has a thoughtful new piece up on the Science House blog exploring the role of creativity in imagination, work and science.
New ideas don’t just come from “thinking outside the box,” but rather understanding what the box (or the domain) is, how the people who have occupied it before you, or currently occupy it (the field) have worked within or around it, as well as what your own role as a link on the continuum might be. Creative ideas, then, are largely grounded in what you already know.

Simply doing things differently is not in and of itself creative. It’s a necessary characteristic in a rapidly changing world. True creativity, the way it’s defined by Csikszentmihalyi, leaves a lasting impression on the cultural matrix, with memes sticky enough to change the culture itself for the future people who occupy a particular field and become knowledgeable experts in a specific domain.

[Science House: What is Creativity? By Rita J. King]

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