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New App for the Deaf Community will include Emergency Alerts

October 8th, 2012

Post by: Kim Stephens

A new mobile app called “Engage”  is touted as the “first ever mobile App for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing” and delivers content in American Sign Language. Their website states:

Engage is a wireless community for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing. Engage features content for the Deaf; submitted by the Deaf; in order to engage the Deaf. Individuals who’ve already downloaded the Engage app are encouraged to submit tips regarding Deaf news and activities happening in their own communities and E-View will share that information based on GPS location of each member.

As a person interested in emergency preparedness, I find the Emergency Alerts feature intriguing. The key components are visual as well as sensory cues, including vibration and flashing on the user’s Smart Phone when an alert is sent; and location based alerts so that the user doesn’t have to”… manually sign up with municipalities or update your location when you travel.”

See these videos below that desribe both the App and the emergency feature.

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