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GAMEFUL Challenge

June 6th, 2011

Sometime last year, I became the first Gameful Fairy of Jane McGonigal's "GAMEFUL, a Secret HQ for Worldchanging Game Developers" platform when I supported it on Kickstarter. In exchange, I would eventually get to establish an official Gameful Award, Challenge or Scholarship to bestow on the recipient(s) of my choice anytime in 2011, up to $1000 to support their ongoing efforts to make awesome games that change the world.

That time has come.

Today, I received a note from Jane McGonigal:

"Hello gameful fairies! WE HAVE AN URGENT MISSION FOR YOU. It's time for YOU to launch YOUR gameful challenge."

When I became a Gameful Fairy I knew the theme of the challenge I came up with would be related to science and the arts in education. I want to create the challenge collaboratively, however. For your review, here are links to three other challenges:

Operation End Boredom

Three Missions of Kindness

Make Lord Kelvin Proud

GAMEFUL says, "You can choose -- do you want to honor a game developer working to improve health? to be played on public transportation? to connect kids with their grandparents? to fix education? to help people dance more? to make a game for the city you live in? Your choice, your award -- YOU get to be the Gameful fairy. You will be honored by name, or anonymously, or on behalf of any corporation or organization -- with an optional photograph or a logo -- as you wish."

I would love to hear from you if you have any ideas about a challenge that comes with a $1000 prize related to the arts and sciences in education. Please pass the link along to educators, friends, parents, kids, game developers, anyone you know who might be able to think up a magnificent challenge. Thanks in advance!

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