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Spent: A sobering game about being broke

November 5th, 2011

"14 million Americans are unemployed" the game begins telling you, words quivering against the backdrop of a spiraling void. The somber colors and subtle movements well-evoke feeling that emulates the hopelessness of an out-of-work person can feel, desperate for a path out of debt. If you choose to enter the game you are presented with three job options: Minimum wage restaurant worker; factory worker; or Office temp. The office temp requires you to pass an actual typing speed test. Fail that and you are back on the street. Or you can get a job in a factory ... Easy enough until you have to decide whether to buy health insurance, which could take a third of your salary.This is a beautifully-designed game about the real challenges of finding work when you are on the edge.[Play "Spent"]Via @savasavasava

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