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Design Observer: "Educating for a Future Within Our Sight"

April 28th, 2011

Maria Popova, better known as Brainpicker her nom de plume for her popular blog, Brainpickings, has a nice new interview with Rita J. King on Change Observer, a blog about design and social innovation about the "Imagination: Creating the Future of Education and Work," project. It's by far one of the most perceptive interviews on the subject and a great read. Excerpt:
"Pluralism is always practical," famously declared Nabokov. By that measure, Rita J. King, journalist, nuclear expert, virtual worlds scholar, VP of business development at Science House and IBM Innovator-in-Residence — is a bastion of postmodern pragmatism. Her latest project, a collaboration with Joshua Fouts, is the product of more than two years of research, exploring the future of education and work through a concept King calls the Imagination Age — a fleeting period between the industrial era crumbling behind us and the technological hyper-reality glimmering ahead of us, in which we have the rare chance to reimagine our culture, our economy, our world and our place in it.

IMAGINATION: Creating the Future of Education and Work explores how we can harness the unique opportunities of this new age and reshape the education system. The project offers a portal of resources for educators spanning a wide range of media, disciplines and potential applications. Maria Popova sat down with King to talk about the scope of the work, the role of imagination in academia and the cross-pollination of disciplines as a key enabler of creativity.

[Change Observer: Educating for a Future Within Our Sight, by Maria Popova]

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