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EU promotions for interpretation

April 7th, 2009

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Someone tipped me off that the European Parliament has hired someone to make a film on the process of simultaneous interpretation (SI) from an elected Member’s point-of-view. I imagine they were carefully vetted in order to give the perspective that the Parliament wishes people to have regarding the purposes, uses, and effectiveness of interpretation. I agree that more people need to understand the value of SI, although I’m skeptical of the vision promoted by the official public relations and policy organs of the European Union. I think their view is unfortunately limited by an inherited and ingrained one-dimensional conception of what SI can do, as well as what it actually does do.
Nonetheless, all of their previous efforts do a nice job of creating desire to become a professional interpreter working at this highest of the high, most elite level of SI.

Interpreting for Europe – Into English.

Interpreting is “all about listening to ideas…”
“English native speaker interpreters . . .
needed for an exciting career at the very heart of European decision-making.”
(17 Feb 2009)

“…conclusions of the ministerial meeting by Commissioner Leonard Orban.”

(18 Feb 2008)

“A 10-minute history of interpretation at the European Institutions
since 1957 by the interpreters who work at
the biggest interpreting service in the world –
the European Commission’s Directorate General.”
(9 June 2007)

And from a different (still officially sanctioned) angle:

Member of Parliament Henrik Lax on Multilingualism
Speech by Henrik Lax MEP on:
Promoting multilingualism and language learning in the EU
[on behalf of the ALDE Group]
[Language SV original]
7 July 2007)
“Multilingual practical information and online government services
for companies looking for business in another EU country.
Provided jointly by the European Commission and national authorities.

And some critiques:

27 Member States
700 000 000 people
23 official languages

Is EU ready for multilinguism?
(1 Sept 2007)

a youthparliament view
“overcome the problem” and “how it affects the politics”
3 July 2007)

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