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February 29th, 2012

So I just noticed that a guy I follow on Twitter, @LenKendall, posted the tweet you see pictured here.

When I see the words "stay calm," in a tweet it makes me click over to the other person (In this case, @hollandersauce) to see what they're tweeting about. If Katie Holland knows that her boyfriend Len has proposed via BuzzFeed in "Help Me Convince Katie to Say Yes," then as of the time of this writing she has not yet let on.

This meme is either the ultimate in nerd romance or an alarming new dimension in mass scale pressure to "convince" someone to commit her existence to another human being. In his Twitter bio, Len says that the internet is his box of Lego blocks. He's using it to build his real life, which I admire, even if I'm a little worried for a total stranger named Katie Hollander right now.

Time will tell when Katie herself chimes in on the #SayYesKatie thread. I hope she makes the right decision, whatever it may be!

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