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Salon12b – Freestyle

November 27th, 2011

Another salon 12b is taking place November 29. Door open at 7PM and the performances start at 8PM with the world premiere of Global Night Car. You can read it on the link. It will be read in three languages, in different voices, since nine different poets contributed to this experiment. In the break expect a good Goulash soup and something will be there for vegetarians as well. Desert will be by Rose: Condé rice with apricots...
After earthy food, the poets present will read their latest and thus unpublished work. Lucienne Stassaert will be kind enough to read the poems of three Breton poets one, Olivier Cousin, has received a major price. We always knew 'the project's poets' are fabulous.

L’enfant sur la jetée

Petit port de pêche paisible
au bout des garennes
Deux caseyeurs bleus
franchissent la passe
pour venir se soulager sur le quai
de leurs casiers d’illusions
et de désillusions

Il n’y aura qu’un seul témoin
De dos sur la jetée
un enfant scrute les flots
et les flots fixent l’enfant
S’il était assis sur le môle
on en saurait plus
Personne ne peut dire
s’il a jailli des vagues
ou s’il va y plonger
En suspens la vie l’attend
avec ses joies et ses déboires
comme la mer constellée
d’îlots et de récifs

Les deux caseyeurs bleus
passent les dernières balises
l’enfant n’a pas bougé
Il y a tant de cartes à s’inventer
Child on the jetty

A small peaceful fisherman port
at the edge of the moors
Two blue lobsterpot boats
cross the channel
to come and unload on the quay       
their pots of illusions
and disillusions

There will be only one witness
His back to the jetty
a child scrutinizes the drift
the drift staring at the child           
If he’d been sitting on the pier              
we would have known more                                               
Nobody can say
whether he shot up from the waves
or whether he is going to jump in
In suspense life awaits him
with its joys and troubles                  
like the sea spattered                    
with isles and reefs

The two blue lobsterpot boats
pass the last beacons                       
the child hasn’t moved
There are so many maps to invent

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