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The Conet Project’s Haunting Shortwave "Number Station" Recordings

August 24th, 2011

"Shortwave" Image credit: Nate Steiner.

Kevin Slavin directed us to the "Conet Project," a site that follows, well, read for yourself:
The Conet Project is a wildly popular archive of recordings of what are commonly called Shortwave Numbers Stations. The general patterns which are described for these recordings have been adapted to a codebase which broadcasts them to @cr_conet.

The sounds are ghostly, cryptic, haunting and fodder for anyone with a hint of Orwellian paranoia. On the other hand, they might be seen as pieces of art contructed by a desperate audio editing engineer who secretly dreamed of crafting the most amazing Numbers Station recordings ever.

Just listen for yourself [click].

[Conet Project audio recordings]

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