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“I want to dress like you!”

October 2nd, 2004

When Patty N. said this to me yesterday, I knew it was a joke (no one has ever known me for my fashion-sense)! It suppose it might have been a reflection of her official role interpreting for the conference: if she was dressed down, like me, then she would have been a participant. (Anyone have other possible interpretations?) 😉
Patty G. has been a great roommate. She comes in each evening and regales me with the humorous anecdote of the day. First it was Lynn’s debacle with the subway on the way to Mongolian barbeque (which I understand was yummy), and then it was a friend’s kid, a firstgrader who reads at the graduate level. Can you imagine having a kid that reads better than you? I had to wonder what that means… my 3rd year of grad school I’m realizing that even though I *thought* I understood what I’ve been reading for the past two years, there were more layers and dimensions to it of which I had no awareness at all! How can someone with so little life experience comprehend reading at that level? Personally, I think it makes the case for reincarnation.

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