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same name, different person?

October 30th, 2005

Funny – googled myself (as if I have nothing better to do this morning), and found this poem by another “Stephanie Kent”. Reinforces the importance of that middle “Jo”!
there’s also an alias making loads of bucks (listed by Forbes). envy?
Here’s one I hadn’t come across before, about the disableism workshop Shemaya and I did at Mt Holyoke a few years back.

Then there’s the good ol’ activist days. Life was simpler then? Maybe I was just more clueless. :-/
Hey! Someone wrote about a presentation I gave on interpreting in a mainstream, elementary setting. It’s attributed to the RID 2003 conference but just came out in the NCRID 2005 newsletter. wow – feels like that was ages ago, but I stand by what I said. 🙂 The author, Judith E. Labath, gives a nice summary (i.e., she made me look good, smile). Thanks!
Tom Atlee compiled some y2k stuff and posted it….one of my comments is floating around in there. I already posted links to one or two other y2k things before. (How’m I doing on the procrastion/avoiding my current life front?) *sigh* Better get busy…
But wait! James referenced me in this problematic moment paper from 2003. Dirty dawg! (I’m sure he told me and I spaced it.) Maybe this is a better link for my commgrad bio than the one that’s there?)

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