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untiteled ancestry by devorah major

August 9th, 2011

u n t i t l e d  a n c e s t r y

i a mongrel
a crossbreed
a mutt
a grafting of cultures
a planet varied
sea to land
calm to storm
wondering in the mirror
where did the eyes come from
and the texture of hair
who saw to the skin tones
and who to the lips
arbitrarily naming the source
of my limbs
my hips
my face
i landless
being so much a mixture
a couscous of spices and fruits

a mongrel of the comings together
chosen/forced of so many different ones
a crossbreed that fills the spaces
between rich dark and translucent fair
a mutt that has unruly fur
cropping out in varied shades
ears and tail being strangely incongruent

i the grafting of cultures
that insists where love fails
life will persist, thrive, recreate
a planet varied mountains to hills
to valleys to chasms deep
waterfalls to rivers to streams
to oceans wide a melange i
claiming space on the rainbow.

Tomorrow the dutch translation of this lovely poem.

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