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February 20th, 2011

The poet Bart Stouten in the shade and applauding hands in the foreground...
The applause was well earned for the new book' Tussen Dood en Herleven'.
Two of the keynote speakers  could not be present. Luckily Bart, cool as ever,  just told  about the 4 parts of the book. The inspiration was the close friendship with the MUHKA-curator Jan Foncé who has passed away. The presentation was organized in the museum café where Floris De Rycker played baroque music on the lute. Friends, admirers and lovers of art and literature gathered for the ocasion.

Even the books arrived on time.

And then he read some poetry...  Well you just will have to get the book.
Thanks for a wonderful and warm afternoon and  beautiful poetry.

Ok, Tomorrow I'll post the last poem he read but in its English translation...

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