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November 30th, 2011

Weltnachtauto - wereldnacht auto
This is a project with 9 poets, each writing two stanzas, some knowing what the others have written, while some poets never knew what the others wrote. Then chance played its part and also a wee bit of composition. Of course there is also a Dutch translation and a German one. It will be part of the 'Harbors of the West' which should be ready by March 21st for Unesco's World Poetry Day. The world premiere was last night read by three different English voices. Thanks Magda. Thanks Lynn.

On singing wheels along the harbors, the night sky
installs itself, pens the world; the dashboard guides
along dying skyline, busy quays
where in the fyke of light the fish is brought in
Roiling day.
The sea turns color before my eyes.
Cold cries of the gulls more than suffice
to wring out every bit of remorse
and dash them against the rocks.
Moon shadow on rock and sand
moonshine in water
dark night of tremors and of life
and we moon connected wisps of cosmic mist
Tuesday October 25
Waning crescent turns quickly to dark new moon
as skies brushed red reflect tear gas billows
the world's gone crazy my daughter cries into the phone
See him fly far above all flat lands, fallen angel
in pitch-black nights! 24 hours above sands and above seas –
Alas! Once again no golden border boy to be uncovered,
Just spinning globe, night semen, broken water: yes yes, all that again!
The wings sing softly: This is a song.
The light goes on, the light goes out
and outside the wind becomes visible and whistles.

Rain in my heart
and your consolation brolly.
often heard words
soft to the touch like smooth fur.
yeah yeah global ca
that’s the difference between
speaking and living
of you this time with violin waltz
I’m sorry I’m so wishy-washy
he says
water rolling down dough and rock-faced belly.
Red is the color of devotion,
how the moon pulls the ocean
how the poor feed the rich
this Love
an involuntary condition.
a small child floating around the earth
that is all tha
is so strong at the point of knowing of dying
always always pretty violins with da and ho
October 31 
the ocean is postcard calm, clouds feathering through layers of blue
smokey, robin’s egg, dark silk, venus flirts with the oncoming night
the moon fattens as one by one fires start to blossom along the shore
wind pulls at the car door, yet calmly I drive under the stars
and don’t hear the siren call of blackwaters; something transports me
blinded, numbed, over de darkened roads of past
to when love for the first time rescued me and I your harbor sought
‘Repair the stars...’ The cockpit yawns.
The moon glistens on the sea, cloud city –
The singing sand, time steals on.
Here one makes snow swishing high.
waltz under a red bridge named golden
the sun is always setting.
Sails sailing,
say, have you left your heart...
across the fluid body?
Again descended earthwards, age 33, he lets himself be driven,
Bentley limousine, through godforsaken cities, Armani suit, Dolce &
Gabana sunshades. Cristal champagne uncorked. The lady on the backseat,
Marlene Dietrich legs, Mae West bosom, almost.
I give the memory some milk
hoping it wants to come back one day.
There is a dead bird in the distance
near your grown wild waterhole of language.
Moon pale night of the soul
and the self upon waves, over roofs
howling crying in rising whisper
mixes mercy with warm worldwide love

* * *
Participating poets: Susan Birkeland, Fred Schywek, Roger Nupie, Clara Hsu, Bart Stouten, Peter Holvoet-Hanssen, Job Degenaar, Annmarie Sauer, Devorah Major.
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