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Town hall reception for Lucienne Stassaert

April 6th, 2011

In the stately town hall of Antwerp Lucienne Stassaert was officially received to be honored as one of the recognized Belgian poets writing in Dutch. In absence of the person responsible for culture in Antwerp, Miss Leen van Dijck was a more than wordy replacement, with personal words of recognition and warmth she honored this grande dame of poetry.

Lucienne answered with a a brief speech and a poem which under pinned her belonging to this city: De Scheldt, the river that flows through this town and shapes its citizens.
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Friends came to talk and honor Lucienne, looking at some books after signing the GoldenBook of the city of Antwerp
In  this picture a good time is had by all...
Many thanks to Henri Floris Jespers, long time friend of Lucienne and as she called him: the benchmark for quality in poetry in Flandres.
Pictures : Fred Schywek
┬ę sms:foto duisburg/rhein 2011

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