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Gallaudet University CERT Training

July 15th, 2012

Post by: Kim Stephens

This is a representative sample of tweets from the Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) training, sponsored by Serve DC–the Mayor’s Office of Volunteerism, at Gallaudet University, July 10-12, 2012. Everyone, both trainees and first responders alike, learned a lot!

  1. GallaudetDPS
    Looking forward to 3 days of training with servedc. #dcdeafcert

    Tue, Jul 10 2012 06:39:02
  2. Kim26stephens
    #dcdeafcert Jason Williamson, of @serveDC, talks about how excited he is to bring this training to #Gallaudet.

    Tue, Jul 10 2012 06:10:29
  3. Cslittlewood
    #dcdeafcert Often in a disaster the FIRST responders are your neighbors. That is where CERT comes in.

    Tue, Jul 10 2012 07:52:49
  4. We had some great guests speak at the training including Chris Geldart, the Director of the District’s Homeland Security and Emergency Management Agency, as well as Neil McDevitt, a former FEMA employee, firefighter and Gallaudet alum.
  5. NeilMcD
    RT @Kim26stephens: @NeilMcD speaking at #dcdeafcert. #dcdeafcert

    Tue, Jul 10 2012 05:51:37
  6. There were numerous guests in attendance because this was a pretty special event: the first CERT training in ASL in the District of Columbia.
  7. stephjoke
    RT @Kim26stephens: @stephjoke Sorry–first CERT training in #ASL in DC, right? #dcdeafcert YEA, THAT! #deaf #Gallaudet

    Tue, Jul 10 2012 06:16:54
  8. Kim26stephens
    #dcdeafcert Fletcher and @NeilMcD at the training–taking a break!

    Tue, Jul 10 2012 06:56:31
  9. The CERT training included several unique components: the facilitators added 3 specific focus groups, one per day, to explore how the emergency management community and the deaf and hard of hearing community can communicate better before, during and after a crisis. There were three focus groups–one for the hearing participants, one for deaf and hard of hearing participants, and one for the interpreters. Each of these sessions were video taped and quite well received by all involved.
  10. stephjoke
    RT @Kim26stephens: #dcdeafcert This training will include focus groups exploring issues related to the deaf community and EM. #smem #demx

    Tue, Jul 10 2012 06:13:59
  11. The entire CERT training was also video taped!
  12. u62
    @LAFDCERT —> MT @Kim26stephens: #dcdeafcert is being video taped do we can share this experience with other communities

    Tue, Jul 10 2012 06:25:14
  13. Participants in the conference let it be known what they wanted to learn in our 3 days together.
  14. Kim26stephens
    #dcdeafcert Participants talk about challenges of knowing how to respond in a crisis. Need to know what to do.

    Tue, Jul 10 2012 06:42:44
  15. Day one we also talked about how this CERT will be utilized in the future.
  16. stephjoke
    #DCDeafCERT training is first step to eatablishing a team at/for #Gallaudet . future activities? help during presidential #inaugural ?

    Tue, Jul 10 2012 07:52:10
  17. Throughout the training, attention was given to the unique challenges associated with the deaf and hard of hearing community in a crisis and how the first response organizations can be better informed to understand those unique challenges.
  18. XpressiveHandz
    RT @Kim26stephens: #dcdeafcert For deaf people lights are a huge issue after a disaster, because they depend on visual cues. Observation by @NeilMcD.

    Tue, Jul 10 2012 08:37:17
  19. As part of the training, participants were encouraged to tweet and learn more social media tools. We had a few converts!
  20. Kim26stephens
    @MelBMickens you just did! Awesome to see new tweeters on #dcdeafcert tag today.

    Tue, Jul 10 2012 08:59:36
  21. David_A_Berry
    Wow, this should be great. Can’t wait to learn more MT: @Kim26stephens: #dcdeafcert Social media is going to be 1 component of the training

    Tue, Jul 10 2012 09:01:53
  22. Why social media?
  23. brianinroma
    RT @Kim26stephens: #dcdeafcert Text wouldn’t work during recent disaster but social media did work. People in training posted to Facebook that they were ok.

    Tue, Jul 10 2012 09:02:41
  24. Social Media is an important skill for everyone to understand since it provides redundancy in methods of communication. We discussed both where to find information as well as how to provide information. We even delved into the use of hashtags and the kind of content CERT members should tweet during a crisis to provide situational awareness information to first responders and the campus crisis leadership team.
  25. XpressiveHandz
    RT @stephjoke: Emergency communication with Deaf communities, what is the best hashtag? #DCDeafCERT #Gallaudet

    Wed, Jul 11 2012 07:54:08
  26. stephjoke
    RT @Kim26stephens: #dcdeafcert Another need for planning is “power your cell phones”. IMPORTANT! deaf communities rely on these devices.

    Tue, Jul 10 2012 09:25:55
  27. Other technologies were also mentioned–even from people just watching the twitter stream.
  28. NeilMcD
    #dcdeafcert – RT @redcrossny: The must-have FREE app of the summer: #RedCross First Aid, avail for Android & iPhone

    Wed, Jul 11 2012 05:51:58
  29. stephjoke
    @MassRegion4b thank you for the info on Tap Tap #iPhone #App for #deaf and #hardofhearing #DCDeafCERT #demx

    Tue, Jul 10 2012 09:21:18
  30. Deaf_Emergency
    @Kim26stephens 40404 allows you to receive text messages to cellphone without using the internet #DCDeafCERT

    Wed, Jul 11 2012 08:07:31
  31. stephjoke
    RT @gudpscomm: #DCDeafCERT everyone may subscribe to the Gallaudet email alert system. 6,000 already subscribe!

    Wed, Jul 11 2012 07:53:52
  32. One of the great presentations was from Chris Littlewood from the St. Petersburg College National Terrorism Preparedness Institute. Chris is a late-deafened adult who chose to learn sign language in order to connect with the deaf community.
  33. Kim26stephens
    #dcdeafcert The terrorism section is up!

    Tue, Jul 10 2012 11:12:26
  34. We loved seeing the participants start tweeting the event, including this snapshot from the audience.
  35. RLHEwan
    Fascinating discussion abt triage and the deaf. #dcdeafcert

    Wed, Jul 11 2012 09:28:02
  36. One of the most interesting demonstrations was from DC Firefighter Fred Gordon when he tried to communicate with a deaf “victim” without the aid of an interpreter.
  37. RLHEwan
    Mary Lott as the victim in triage. #dcdeafcert

    Wed, Jul 11 2012 11:50:57
  38. Mr. Gordon came up with all kinds of motions in order to get his point across; the two of them worked out a ‘thumbs-up thumbs-down’ system for very basic communication. His statement after the exercise was “I need to learn some sign language!”
  39. stephjoke
    RT @Kim26stephens: Fire fighter trying to communicate with “patient” without interpreter. #kindafunny! #DCDeafCERT

    Wed, Jul 11 2012 11:53:23
  40. There was also a lot of discussion around the buddy system move, demonstrated by firefighters on day three, for use when deploying a fire extinguisher.
  41. Kim26stephens
    #dcdeafcert @dcfire DC Firemen dance across the field demonstrating buddy system with fire extinguishers.

    Thu, Jul 12 2012 11:31:27
  42. NeilMcD
    Folks who are interested in the convergence of disabilities and emergency preparedness, check out #dcdeafcert – some cool pics there.

    Thu, Jul 12 2012 11:33:43
  43. Kim26stephens
    #dcdeafcert Volunteers feel the power of the extinguisher!

    Thu, Jul 12 2012 11:40:35
  44. By the end of day three, the event was over and everyone felt as if it was a successful training. Anytime everyone in the room leaves feeling like they learned something, the event should be deemed a success!

    As soon as the videos are available we will let everyone know.

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