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“Can I be in your book too?”

July 19th, 2012

Lexy hollered up to me in the window.

I had just hollered down to Curls because I wanted her to tell her parents how much I enjoy their music.  Her mom and dad had been sitting out front when I parked the car and walked in to my apartment, but by the time I started jamming to the good tunes they had gone back inside. At first, Curls couldn’t locate me – no one had yelled to her from my building before. It was a voice from a strange direction.

It wasn’t clear whether she could actually hear me clearly over the music, but she said something to her friend, who was maybe trying to ignore me (wisely, perhaps) and — after an exchange — suddenly Lexy turned and started walking right toward my window.  ”Can I be in your book too?” “Oh!” I was happily surprised. “You want to be in my book, do you?” “Yeah! Like Curls!” “Curls has her mother’s permission,” I explained. “Let me go ask! My real name is Alexandria!”

Now, I hear them outside. They might be waiting for me to come down.


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