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Communication Theory about Simultaneous Interpretation (New Online Course)

June 10th, 2012

Learning Lab for Resiliency
3 November  2012—30  June 2013

Stephanie Jo Kent, Certified Interpreter, Master of Education, is the founder and director of the Learning Lab for Resiliency.

Stephanie Jo Kent, RID Certified Interpreter, Master of Education, is the founder and director of the Learning Lab for Resiliency.

This introductory level course in communication theory is specially designed for professional simultaneous interpreters and those who use interpreting services. Conference and community interpreters usually receive high quality professional training in linguistics, culture, and appropriate codes of conduct but rarely have the opportunity to explore the social or institutional implications of our work. Meanwhile, people who use interpreting services may be provided a brief one-time-only instruction and are then expected to just ‘go with it’ as if the entire process of interpreting is transparent and unproblematic.

The main goal of this pilot course is to open a conversation among interpreters and users of interpreting services based on these assumptions:

  1. Interpreters and interlocutors are participants in interpreted communication.
  2. Interpreted communication is a special form of intercultural communication.
  3. Intercultural communication requires attention to habitual practices of social interaction.
  4. Habits of talk  yield insight into the interdependent co-construction of social reality.
  5. Reflection on these habits, individually and together, enhances the quality and effectiveness of communication.

Continuing Education Units for interpreters are available. If you are a user of interpreting services, I am happy to work with your professional association in order to grant continuing education/professional development credit in your field. Because this very first run of the course is a pilot, a one-time only discount is available.  Please see the website for more information and to register:

The course will be conducted primarily in English, with captioning of American Sign Language as needed and the use of automated translation when useful.

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