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August 21st, 2012

The “rules” in sequence.

The first Friendship Dinner was a mixed success. Curls was late, which left Rosabel and me to try and establish basic ground rules. The gender competition was fierce … that whole “boys will be boys” kind of thing. Curls arrived just in time to give her definition of frenemies: friends who argue a lot.

Jason and Peter wrestled while “Mr Joseph” bounced on (and off) the mattress/sofa. “Mr Andrews” got drawn into some verbal sparring, and Chum/(“Sleeping Dogs”) got into everything. For the most part, the rowdiness wasn’t a problem, although I did worry about mom’s oriental vases. They need safe locations!

By the end, the dynamics had become stressful. I gave up on getting them to listen to each other. Could I blame the cake? Peter thought so, “It’s the sugar. No dessert next time.” (He was repeating me. I thought he agreed way too quickly.) Instead of food-related punishment, we’ll spend more time reviewing the rules at the beginning of the next dinner and talk about whether we need a fair system of discipline.


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