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Rudolph Steiner on Loyalty

September 3rd, 2011

"Reassurances" by Roger Broer, Lakota (on display at Denver Int'l Airport)

"Reassurances" by Roger Broer, Lakota (on display at Denver Int'l Airport)

“Gain for yourself a new, strong-willed attitude towards loyalty;

what people ordinarily call loyalty evaporates so quickly.

Make this your loyalty:

You will experience in another person moments,
rapidly passing away,
in which he [ or she ] will appear to you filled,
aglow with the ageless image of his [ her ] spirit.

Two contexts for loyalty - tribe and species - coexisting on one planet.

A goal of resiliency is holding two contexts for loyalty - tribe and species - in mutual coexistence on one planet.

Then, to be sure, there can and will come moments, long intervals, when people will become darkened.

But you should learn, at these times, to say to yourself: ‘The spirit makes me strong. I am thinking of the other’s ageless image: after all, I saw it once. No deception, no mere seeming will rob me of it.’

Always struggle for this image that
you saw.

This struggling is loyalty.

And striving thus for loyalty, the human being will be near to other humans with angels’ protective strength.” ~ Rudolph Steiner

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