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Infinite Perspectives: Places I’ll Remember

October 6th, 2011

Imagine if maps could pop off the page like the terrain they represent? When cartographer Jeffrey Ambroziak had that thought as a kid, he solved the problem by working on an algorithm that creates an Infinite Perspective.

Science House is curating a spectacular exhibit at UNDERLINE Gallery in Chelsea. The exhibit of three-dimensional topographic maps, designed by renowned cartographer Jeffrey Ambroziak, is based on a revolutionary technique that yields true three-dimensional maps in spectacular detail.

The exhibit is a stunning new look at the world – from the mountains of Yosemite to the canyons of Mars. The geographical sequence of the maps follows Ambroziak’s personal travel history. His childhood, steeped in the mystery and allure of the haunting face of Mt. Ranier, for example. The exhibit even shares a lasting memory of the rippling terrain of another world. “Mars hangs in the night sky,” Ambroziak says, “enticing the earth bound viewer with the possibility of realizing childhood dreams.”

Infinite Perspectives opens on October 15.

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