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Kids Want to be Programmable Matter

June 22nd, 2011

“Art is a lie that helps you get at the truth,” artist Shane Hope said at "Facts and Fiction: Discussing Science in Imaginary Worlds" at Science House this week. “Cheating is when you create a shortcut.”

Shane took out his iPhone to share his own art with the room. His pieces appear to have been created by children from the future deadpanning the reality of their splintered digital lives.

“The singularity came too late for mom and dad,” Shane read off the small screen, pausing for a split second. “Your mom is open source.” He looked around the room. “Kids want to be programmable matter.”

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  1. A Dark Ally says:

    Hello Rita.

    Awesome stuff. I’ve been following your work for awhile.

    I’ve syndicated your feed to appear in the Learning Lab for Resiliency’s blog. Any objections? We are still constructing the site. This entry appears between a couple of entries on race and pop culture.

    Would love any feedback if you’ve got the time.

    best regards,

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