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ASLTA – Here We Come!

August 22nd, 2005

Eileen’s and my proposal for ASLTA’s conference this fall was accepted. Hopefully Anne is gonna be able to join us because it’s time. 🙂
Here’s what we said we were gonna do:
Language-in-Action: The Shape of Deaf Discourse about Interpreters

We will consider some patterns in Deaf talk about interpreters and interpreters’ talk about the Deaf in order to learn the difference between linguistic inequality and bilingual/bicultural communication dynamics. Our participatory discussion will try to distinguish among culture, discourse, and dynamics. We know these things are all braided together, but it may be useful to teachers to be able to recognize certain patterns of talk between Deaf and non-deaf people concerned with interpreting and understand how these patterns perpetuate misunderstandings, distrust, and unequal power relations.

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