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June 17th, 2005

This must be one of the most medieval towns in existence.
It was the right thing for me to do after meeting with Prof. Blommaert (dare I be all-familiar-like and call him Jan?!) yesterday. It let my brain cool (!) after so many pieces and intuitions of this research project were validated….it felt … penultimate? It’s not the peak, but it gave me the sense I am really “on” to something (not just my imagination!), and encouraged me to keep the faith. 🙂 Anyway, my brain was basically blank so it’s just as well I didn’t need to do anything particularly intellectual. 🙂
Take the boat tour when you go! Best way to see a big chunk of the town.

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  1. Burckhard says:

    One slight correction re your visit to Bruges: the best way to see the city is of course by bicycle. the boat trip really shows you only a very small part of it.

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