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Conference of Interpreter Trainers 2010

June 6th, 2010

27-30 October, 2010
Conference of Interpreter Trainers 2010
San Antonio, TX

I actually was not able to attend the annual Conference of Interpreter Trainers. Darn.

The Reflexivity Series: Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf, chronicles my blogposts about ASL/English simultaneous interpretation.

The last three posts are from the RID Region 1 Conference: TEAM2010, in Albany, NY. TEAM is an acronym for Together, Empower and Motivate!

Previous to these is a blog and embedded ten-minute video of a keynote presentation I gave to the New England Deaf Studies Conference in April, 2010: That’s So #DEAF!

24-25 September, 2010
New York City

Leadership. Entrepreneurship. Innovation. Sustainability. These are the themes of this third Global Summit of a young, exciting initiative linking powerful women from different positions across the globe. I learned of this collaborative endeavor through participation in the University of Massachusetts’ Entrepreneurship Initiative, which I blogged about in this entry: “Innovation Happens at the Intersections.”

That blog entry is tucked into the Series on the Science of Team Science.

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