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critical feedback from my good friend

August 2nd, 2005

One of my ex/outlaw’s read the most recent paper on interpreter-deaf discourse(s) and made some crucial observations. Of course, she was struck by the assumption that just because someone is “out” of their own culture that this automatically means you’re “in” another one. She also felt there was a contradiction between interrupting a few times being “ok” but too much is “offensive” (these are her terms). Yes, on the one hand it seems like a double standard, but on the other the motivation or cause for the interruption is different. We need to work on making this distinction more clear. It’s not the interrupting, per se, but the the frequency of it indicates something else, and that “something else” is what Deaf folk are upset about.

I have a note here too about an “incompatibility of frames” – that this increases under certain conditions. Hopefully I can resurrect what that was about when I revisit the feedback inserted into the draft. 🙂 At any rate, I was able to fix a few important things before sending it off for publication….and that feels great!

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