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July 28th, 2004

some people really are earning some income from blogs! I doubt I’ve got quite the public persona – too dry and “objective” 🙂 – to make the cut, but what I have been trying to do is provide access to live events (like the mentoring project). This is a key variation on what most bloggers do, as described by Jennifer 8. Lee in the NY Times:
“The question facing many of the bloggers, who do most of their work without venturing from their desks, is how exactly they will cover a live convention. Most built their followings by ferreting out interesting but obscure information or by providing commentary on events and on news coverage of those events.
“What we don’t usually do is talk to primary sources,” said Tom Burka, a lawyer in New York City, who maintains a satirical blog at “We’ve never been put in this position as bloggers to have this kind of access.”
I’ve been playing with this in terms of interpreter education and research as well.

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