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Going to Alaska!

April 19th, 2004

We are going to rock the house! 🙂 Spent today refining the design; I’m feeling quite good about it.
I’m building on success from Boston’s PM/WAD workshop at the CGO, where we really nailed a problematic moment with a sophisticated group of organizational diversity consultants. Exhausting (I’ll need good rest!), but gives me a great sense of optimism for the large group activity in the workshop. Had a fun flurry of emails today from the organizers – always love to pick up the jazz via cyberspace!
Also building on all the recent paper-writing on problematic moments (and aren’t I glad THAT’s done for awhile!) and the CGO workshop, I did something new while interpreting last week that I’ve never done before and don’t recall seeing anyone else do. There was a moment of din – when literally everyone in the group burst out with something at the same time. Instead of trying to continue with the thread of the primary speaker’s comment I represented the verbal action of the din. It felt…right, somehow. 🙂 The Deaf interlocutor was with the group’s outburst, not informed of it after the fact.

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