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May 2nd, 2004

Those Alaskans know how to pull off a conference! Not only was everyone psyched to be doing professional development together, we also got to play around and practice juggling. Cathi really tried to get me to shift wide so my bean bags wouldn’t collide but….old habits die hard. 🙂 Isn’t that the way it is with everything? Maybe its only with the things we don’t want to give up. Hmmm……
I’ve been “juggling” up a storm since returning. I’m not sure if I quite match Angela’s list, but EVERY day there is a huge school project due and/or something with Ms. Hannah Mae and/or work (imagine!). Just interpreted Northampton’s PrideFest, which was a blast. Big turnout as folks are energized about everyone who’s going to start getting married on May 17th. It’ll be interesting to see not only if, but how in the world the Massachusetts legislature thinks they’ll be able to turn back the tide over the next couple of years. Of course they are going to try (sigh). I interpreted some of the political speeches (wicked fun) and a singer, Susan Bassett. She was fun, her own stuff and a couple of cover tunes, including one by the Indigo Girls. She was the very last performer so most of the crowd had dwindled, but me and my “audience” of about a dozen enjoyed the show quite a bit. 🙂 How much group dynamics can one do from stage? I pulled off a few….!

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