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looks like they did it :-(

April 4th, 2005

The revised code of ethics includes:
Tenet 4.2
“Interpreters recognize the right of consumers to make informed decisions. Choices could include but are not limited to, selection of interpreter, seating arrangements, and interpreting dynamics.”

I know the committee has worked extraordinarily hard, and gone to tremendous effort to include as much feedback as possible. I must have been in the minority with mine. :-/
Overall, I think the revisions look fantastic (although the name change doesn’t do anything for me). But this one tenet really scares me. It’s going to cement in place some power dynamics and power struggles for a long time – 10 years? 20? Until the next time the Code is revised? Politically, maybe NAD believes they simply must have this in order to empower more deaf individuals to stand up against interpreters who are incompetent or underqualified – I just think there has to be a better way than by perpetuating the ambiguity of role implied in the phrase “interpreting dynamics”.
I’m all good with selection of interpreter (of course!), seating arrangements (whatever). But “interpreting dynamics”? I know – this is where Deaf people say if they want to be interrupted or not, how, when, etc. That is important and having this kind of discussion should be automatic preparation for any assignment. But! What a set up to continue the power struggle on the smallest scale possible – between the deaf individual and the interpreter – instead of focusing on developing and disseminating bicultural communication norms.
I’m sad.

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