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reactions to “no”

June 3rd, 2005

Dutch sign on Europe’s wall is posted on Reactions to the French no last weekend were mixed among interpreters, ranging from barely suppressed glee to outright disappointment. Only a few, however, had truly dire predictions for the future of the EU, and none felt it would affect their working conditions in any way. Most expressed varying degrees of optimism that the “no” would trigger some serious reflection among officials and MEPs away from pure economics toward the social, and only a few felt it would be nearly impossible to forge agreement again. Those who were close to the negotiating process say they already saw how difficult it was and how many compromises were made on many sides…
Did I say all this before?! I feel that I did, but if so I can’t locate it right now. Was talking with someone earlier today about brain stretching and overload – clearly my sense of having adjusted was premature! 🙂

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