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July 25th, 2004

Came across a beauty of a clip getting ready for the next round of research! Improves my mood considerably on that front, especially since the most recent person to contact me about a possible presentation vanished from cyberspace. 🙁 I suck at this online negotiation thing. I think I’m “worth” a certain (considerable) amount because a) no one else is doing this topic and b) I use video from real situations which means hours upon hours of prep work. BUT, I need to start from a different stance, somehow. The strategy I used for Alaska was effective, but I can’t rely on a cookie-cutter approach. I need to ask more questions first….seems to me that my contact in Alaska and I spent more time on the content/delivery before we got to talking about money….and I need to have a better sense of the context of the requesting party and their resources.
🙁 hate to lose the opportunity to take the next step.

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