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RID gets spammed

November 27th, 2006

This email is going around, strategically targeting interpreters by their town of residence.
The first one I received (November 18) read “I am Ben Woods . I saw your contact on ( Anyway, I am an English speaking man from Madagascar .” A few days ago, I received another. Besides the first line, the rest of the text is the same. What’s the scam, I wonder? (But not enough to respond.)
I am Tobbie Smith . I saw your contact on ( Anyway, I am an English speaking man from Malta . I will be coming over to the USA(WDummerston) precisely, from 30th of Nov to 12th of Dec with my wife.
Susan my wife understands American sign language. She has never been to the USA before and so she will require the services of an Interpreter who can assist her in the course of our stay, for 10 days ( with the exception of weekends in between) and probably about 8 hours everyday because I will not always be with her on most occasions due to other functions which I must attend to.
I will want to know if you can offer your services at these dates if possible, then I will appreciate if I can get a price quotation As we want to make advance payments before our visit so she can be assured of an interpreter during her shopping and sightseeing because this is her first visit to the in USA. An early response will be appreciated.
I Hope to hear from you soon.
Mr Tobbie Smith


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2 Responses to “RID gets spammed”

  1. ila says:

    Hey Steph, I am done with the written portion of the exam yesterday. The oral is on the 4th. Five professors will decide my fate over a two hour period of grilling me. How have you been? What is a good time to call you? Take care:)

  2. Steph says:

    Ila Bila! CONGRATS! It is a huge deal to complete the writing. I only had three professors deciding my fate and that was ordeal enough; you are brave, chickie-grrl! Phone time must be carved out…I’ll try you today…

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