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October 1st, 2004

I am worn out from the stimulation. 😉 Got some clarity tonight in Betty’s session on Vygotsky. Lots to mull over and refine in my interpersonal class. Also, the notion of scaffolding groups….that’s more where I see myself in relation to what(ever) my “contribution” might be to the profession. That’s the work on group dynamics and group discourses that I presented today at my poster session. So many things happening here! I got to attend 1/2 of Laurie and Wendy’s session on peer mentoring, and half of Betty and Company’s session on process mediation. I love interpreters! We are so committed to self-knowledge and the development of interpersonal communication skills. 😉

What struck me today was that the peer mentoring stuff going on in Boston might be where the productive energy of the Allies movement has gone. Just a hypothesis. I noticed the very upbeat and optimistic tone, the belief that we can collectively work things out (if at the pace of a pair at a time) and the care to meet each other “where they’re at.” I appreciated Janis talking about the need for Deaf folk to trust the interpreter – I know it’s hard! – and what a relief it has been for her to let go of the worry and energy that goes towards trying to control (regulate?) the interpreter/interpreting scene.
Betty’s process mediation folk are also modeling a new way of talking about interpreting. I dunno, being as this is my first CIT conference, but it seems to me that the discourse of interpreters talking about interpreting IS changing. Or perhaps I’m seeing the evidence of a change that’s been in process for awhile?Lots of hope and optimism, huge emphasis on the interpreter as a decision-maker, increasing clarification of the sheer complexity of the task we try to accomplish.
New language, new ways of talking will come….and these will change interpreting practice…..oh dear, I’m starting to babble…

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