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Table 17

October 2nd, 2004

Was quite an entertaining group at the Closing Banquet tonight. Let me just say, on my way down in the elevator, I met Carol Patrie (dressed to the nine’s), without her nametag because “that would spoil the look.” So said Sharon Neumann-Solow, who apparently wasn’t the one who told me my workshop at RID last year had got everyone’s “knickers in a twist” – but she was ready to take credit for it! (I’ll remember who it was, one of these days.)
Table 17 had some symmetry going on from the get-go.

We had two Kim’s sitting opposite each other, and two Kathy’s sitting opposite each other: a mirrored pair of Kim-Kathy’s. The “Kim’s” checked in to see if they shared the full name of “Kimberly” (they do), which reminded me of Bob in the process mediation workshop proudly telling everyone his name “really is Bob, not Robert.” He went on to tell us that being called something other than “Bob” was kindof refereshing. 🙂
Half the table was from Kansas, and lo-and-behold, Kathy graduated from Mid-America Nazarene College in…well, I don’t remember what year it was. 😉 Before my time there. Which got us into my life story…..most of my memories of MANC are not fond, I must say. Reconciling my sexual orientation in a fundamentalist Christian environment is definitely not the easy way to go about it! (But then, when I have I *ever* done things the easy way?!) It did give me the opportunity to recall the woman (who I won’t name) who kissed me on the cheek one early morning when she thought I was still asleep. sigh!
Betti made sure to correct my signing of COLORADO. Fingerspell folks, lest you be waylaid! Heather, what did we talk about? (See what happens if I *don’t* take notes!) I remember the act of talking…..shoot! Paula and I talked politics a bit, I also checked in with Patrice about the Lebanese-American community in Wichita. I had a good friend there once, and wonder if there’s been an increase in xenophobia since 9-11. Not that she knew about.
Ann Reifel stopped by to say hello. For some reason I remembered one of my ASL classes with her, must have been back in ’90 or ’91? She’d just returned from a conference, I think it might have been Deaf Women United. She was So Pumped Up! She announced that she’d had an identity transformation, and we should call her “Rambette” forevermore. 🙂
Trix came over too, snapped a photo. We talked about her upcoming workshop in Vermont. I’ll miss it, but hope everyone enjoys themselves with her. We had a good time in Alaska. 😉
I’ll write about the official entertainment in another post, but Patrice wins the quote of the evening contest: “I know how to get what I want.” And I’m here to testify, she does!

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