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The “msu” model

June 16th, 2004

Doing all these graduations (that most Deaf folk are only marginally interested in) inspired one of my teammates to share this new model of interpreting with me:
Make Stuff Up.
Of course we joke about it with hearing people who compliment us (and have no idea whether we really did “do a good job” or not), and Deaf folk complain about it (aka “fill-in-the-blank interpreting”), and occasionally there is no doubt it really happens….I’d suggest it is a very compelling site for the study of dynamics and discourses about these dynamics. Why do we “make stuff up” instead of asking for clarification? Could be to save face. Could be to avoid Deaf criticism. Could be an appropriate decision about some other communicative issue taking precedence over what was ‘missed’ and filled in for the sake of continuity. Hmmmmm. !

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