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August 7th, 2005

Several things fell into place this afternoon – right as I’m getting ready to leave the city. The vagaries of un-institutional fieldwork!

Most importantly, I got access to the Court’s list of “sworn interpreters” [a pdf] via a city link that provides official and touristic info.

Some important terms:
landgericht = highest court of Berlin
dolmetscher = interpreter
tempelhof = district
beeidigt = sworn

Meanwhile – there are a few different organizations/agencies for interpreters, providing trainings and a bit of publicity. Members are listed on the website.

Some I had found before, others I hadn’t. A new one is the VUD: Verband der Übersetzer und Dolmetscher. The Mitgliederverzeichnis provides a means of getting in contact with members. Perhaps the VUD has some connection with a French interpreting association?

Then there’s the BDU: Bundesverband der Dolmetscher und Übersetzer, which I had located before, and their Datenbank. This administration of this organization simply referred me to members listed here. Only speaking English is definitely more of a barrier here (than at the EP) – as was anticipated. The other complicating factor is that it’s AUGUST – which are ‘the holidays’. Folks are on vacation.

This agency, Eubylon, referred work to a DGS interpreter in compliance (?) with a law requiring the provision of interpreting in hospitals. They promise all language combinations.

Another agency, ECHOO: ECHOO-Konferenzdolmetschen, apparently caters more to the East side of Berlin. Yes, the city is still known by East/West – especially among older generations (at least my age – 42 – and up). It’s less marked by the younger generations, who tend to go all over the city, no matter.

Apparently historical divisions continue to play out between all kinds of folk, including interpreters, many of whom apparently refused (and may still?) to work with interpreters from the other side of The Wall.

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