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Why are all those languages important?

December 5th, 2005

“In many cases, the legal acts resulting from discussions will have an immediate and direct effect on people’s lives. There should be no obstacle to understanding and putting views in meetings. The citizens of Europe should not have to be represented in Brussels by their best linguists: they can send their best experts.” from a pdf report released November
How much does interpreting cost? “The total annual cost of DG Interpretation in 2004, spread over the budgets of the institutions and bodies for which it provides interpretation, was 108 million euro, or € 0.23 per citizen of the enlarged Union. The separate interpreting services of the European Parliament and the European Court of Justice, in the Commission’s best estimate, cost approx. 76 million euro in 2004. In other words, the total cost of interpretation in the European Union was equivalent to € 0,40 per citizen in 2004 and may reach, in 2007-2010, € 0.50 per citizen per year (238 million euro) All translation and interpretation in the European Union institutions cost € 2 per citizen in 2004 &emdash; the cost of a cup of coffee.”
pdf: Interpretation: where do we stand one year after Enlargement? From the DG on Interpretation (SCIC).

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