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“with a little help from my friends”

November 15th, 2004

Two bits of happy news:
I got referenced! 😉 It’s the first (and only, smile) time that I know about, but Deborah M. Davidson, author of the cover article for the current VIEWS, cites me! Whoopee yahoooooo! Somebody reads me! 🙂
And, a different piece that I wrote for the VIEWS will be republished in the UK Interpreters’ Magazine, Newsli. It’s a much better piece now, slightly revised, because Austin W. Andrews went to all the trouble of hunting me down after it was first published because part of it was decidedly unclear to someone who wasn’t “there” at the event I wrote about. With his questions and comments, it’s all spruced-up and ready to go. This, I like. 🙂

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