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RID 2005

January 15th, 2005

I just received acceptance to present at the next national American Sign Language interpreters convention in San Antonio!
Eileen Forestal will join me. Yippee yahooooooo!
Here’s what the proposal looks like:

“Why Bother? The Interpreter, Impartiality, and Group Dynamics” – Stephanie
Jo Kent and Eileen Forestal – Extended Workshop
This interactive workshop will involve interpreters in deep reflection and
discussion about the influence of our on-the-job performance upon group
dynamics and power relations among a) Deaf and hearing interlocutors, b)
among all interlocutors and the interpreter(s), and c) between Deaf
interlocutors and the interpreter(s). Two different video stimuli will be
shown. One set of video clips will be actual performances of interpreting
that highlight decisions made on-the-spot and in-the-moment; these will be
complemented with interview data from participating interpreters and both
deaf and hearing interlocutors. The second set of video clips is a
meta-dialogue constructed from a series of on-going interviews with Deaf
persons and interpreters. Information from both sets of video clips will be
combined to explore notions of impartiality and decision-making about
group/communication dynamics.
Eileen Forestal, M.Ed., RSC, is in her 26th year as coordinator and
professor of ASL and Deaf Studies and ASL-English Interpreting Programs at
Union County College in New Jersey. She holds a BA degree in Sociology from
the University of Missouri, a M.Ed. degree in Deaf Education from Western
Maryland College, and a Certificate in Teaching ASL/Interpreting from the
University of Colorado. Eileen completed the Project TIEM.Online Master
Mentor Program during the Fall of 2003. Eileen is a national consultant,
trainer, and performer on ASL and interpreting-related topics. Her research
project, “The Emerging Professionals: Deaf Interpreters, Their Views and
Experiences On Training,” is published in Interpreting and Interpreter
Education: Directions for Research and Practice, Oxford University Press,
Stephanie Jo Kent, M.Ed, CI, has been interpreting for a decade. She has an
Associate’s degree in ASL Studies, a BS in Interpreting, and earned a Master
‘s degree in Social Justice Education in 1996. She hopes to have completed
her doctoral coursework in communication by the time of the conference.
‘Steph’ has worked at two residential deaf schools, was a member of the
planning team for the Allies Conferences from 1997-1999, and has presented
at the international, national and state levels on interpreting practices
and intergroup relations. She focuses primarily on the dynamics that occur
between cultural groups and among individuals during interpreted events.

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