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Review: Sxip Shirey’s "Sonic New York"

May 3rd, 2011

Sxip Shirey's song "I live in New York City" from his album "Sonic New York."

Earlier this week at Science House I met New York City musician, artist and performer Sxip Shirey who shared his recent album, Sonic New York. I highly recommend it. The album is an acoustic love letter to New York City that travels through back alleys, into long subway rides, and out onto romantic Sunday afternoons in the park and at the market.

Shirey employs a visceral mix of found objects, traditional instruments, layered voices and electronica to create a tapestry of sound that moves you from neighborhood to locale to moments in time.

Songs like "Bergen and Grand," which is evocative in its use of organ grinder sounds of Harry Nilsson's "Think About Your Troubles," from The Point! (my favorite album of all time) transport me to a New York City of yore. The "Brooklyn Bridge Song" is sweet and plaintive and poignant.

I highly recommend Sxip Shirey's Sonic New York -- a wall-of-sound experience and a journey into the narrative mind of music.

[Sxip Shirey's Sonic New York]

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