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Leonard Susskind on The World As Hologram

November 7th, 2011

Ever since I attended the World Science Festival this summer in which I heard Saul Perlmutter -- who would a few months later win the 2011 Nobel Prize for physics -- speak on a panel, I have been struck by the fact that he along with another group of high level physicists explained Saul's discovery that the expansion of our universe is inconsistent with Eintein's theory by saying that we must be living in a hologram.

Wow. I thought. Oh. Wow.

Since then I've been trying to learn more about how a group of reality- and logic- and empirical-data-grounded mathematicians and physicists could make such an assertion.Enter Leonard Susskind the renowned theoretical physicist at Stanford University speaking about the possibility that the world -- that is the earth as we know it -- is a Hologram.


 Via @Capnmarrrrk

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