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In one breath

January 27th, 2011

Today Poetry day in Holland and Belgium, The book In einem Atemzug, In een adem, In one breath, wib, 2011, will be presented  during the eight honorable poetesses who will read to night in the old city center of Antwerp in the literary Caf├ę den Hopsack.

She will open with the cycle Life, accompanied  by Jean Demey. Both have worked together often with wonderful results.


It doesn't let go of you     
even if sometimes
without a leash hoping for the best
you let it run away -

It attacks you
even if it wears
a constant muzzle:

a precaution
taken in a moment
when the clock declines
to regulate
the traffic of time -

It throws sand in your eyes
as foam on your lips
it stays behind

so that, in order to speak one word,
your anger first
has to be laid out
like a corpse

not yet decomposing
but inclined
to do so
without further notice

but the teeth-grinding
of light
on the threshold
of high shadow
wanting to devour everything -

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